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Providing Parking Space for Removals Vehicles

Movers and Packers in Dubai : Providing Parking Space for Removals Vehicles

Nothing is more frustrating and potentially expensive than to find on the morning of your move that your removals vehicle just can’t find a parking space anywhere near your home or business premises.

It’s not unknown for some removals to be abandoned simply due to this problem.

What can be done to avoid this happening?


The very first thing to remember is that it is your responsibility to make sure the vehicle and removals team you’ve hired can access your property when they need to.

A good professional home or office removals specialist might well be able to help, particularly in some city centre and commercial locations, but ultimately it’s up to you to make sure that they can park. Ask for their help and if they can make a few arrangements for you then fine but don’t just assume it’s their problem!

Neighbours – Suburban/Rural

The challenges of accessing residential properties can be severe.

A good tip is to tell all your surrounding neighbours that your vehicle is coming at a given time and ask them if they can help by parking their cars elsewhere if they normally park them on the street. Remember that you might need to have some cones and tape available to cordon off the parking spaces once they’ve moved their cars or strangers might suddenly park up and then vanish.

When thinking about who needs to help, keep in mind that even if you have a drive, the removal vehicle may need a clean large arc to swing into it and cars on the road opposite may need to be moved.

Neighbours – City Centres

Here the problems can be doubly severe.

The same principles apply but remember if you need to use their parking spaces, you may also need to reimburse them for any additional parking costs they’ll incur for ‘going elsewhere’ for the duration.

Don’t expect your removal company to agree to park over disabled bays and so on.

Police / Local Authorities

There can be a lot of variation here but in some locations, if you notify the police in advance, they may be willing to turn a ‘blind eye’ to some technically illegal parking of removals vehicles in the short term, providing there is no immediate danger as a result. They might in some areas also agree to cordon off an area.

Some local authorities might also have formal registration and related schemes specifically to cater for such eventualities but a degree of advance notice will be required.

In passing, if you or your removals team do get questioned by the authorities about your parking, don’t start arguing!

Getting out

It’s important that your vehicle can exit its loading point as well as enter it.

In situations such as driveways, someone parking perfectly legally opposite your gate might mean that your vehicle is unable to turn out of it when it’s time to go. Once again, cones and tape might be a good idea.


If you are trying to cone off an area for parking or access, make sure you pin something to it that explains why.

Little causes more indignation than cones placed for no apparent reason in areas of open parking or those where parking space is under pressure. A few words on a notice might help avoid confrontation.

Above all, deal with the potential problem in advance. Don’t just hope that you’ll get lucky on the day itself.

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